Irish Montreal

St. Patrick's Basilica
Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms has been granted to St. Patrick's Basilica in Montreal (founded in 1847) to coincide with its 150th Anniversary celebrations. The main charge is a gaelic cross, a symbol of Irish heritage. Imposed upon the Gaelic cross is the red cross of the City of Montreal where St. Patrick's Basilica is located. The regal gold background recalls Christ the King who resides in the House of the Lord.

In the upper left hand quadrant of the shield, is a depiction of the main tower and supporting towers of the basilica.

The upper portion of the shield has a representation of the flag of the Republic of Ireland, the gold harp on a background of azure. The accompanying symbols are the keys, a Papal symbol to which St.Patrick's is entitled as a minor basilica, and the maple leaf upon which is imposed a fleur de lys representing Canada and Quebec respectively.

The pavillion or umbrella is the symbol of a minor basilica. Should the Holy Father visit the basilica an umbrella, such as the one displayed, would be held over the Pontiff's head prior to his entering the basilica. The principle altar of a minor basilica is an extension of the Papal altar in St. Peter's Basilica, Rome.

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